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Footfit Podiatry is currently closed as I am in the USA on a temporary development secondment. I look forward to returning to the Bay of Plenty to continue my work in the community.

Whilst I am away I would recommend you contacting another podiatrist in the area.

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Emma Sievwright (Hoult)

A common cause of kneee pain in children is called Osgood Schlatter Disease. It is seen in children aged between 10 and 15 years old. It appears due to rapid growth spurt and causes pain in the knee and down the shin. 


  • It is believed that Osgood Schlatter Disease is due to the pull of the large muscle on the knee that run down the thigh. Running and jumping activites can increase this pull and cause inflammation and pain. It is seen most commonly in adolescents who are active and can present as a small lump at the top of the knee. This will generally heal as the child is growing, but can continue until adulthood.


Your Podiatrist will advise your child to rest - minimise activity - avoid deep bending - ice area regularly. Your child may also be advised to avoid sports and other activities for a certain period of time until the symptoms reslove. 


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