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Footfit Podiatry is currently closed as I am in the USA on a temporary development secondment. I look forward to returning to the Bay of Plenty to continue my work in the community.

Whilst I am away I would recommend you contacting another podiatrist in the area.

Thank You,

Emma Sievwright (Hoult)

At Footfit Podiatry we specialise in growth and development of children's feet. Children and toddlers may suffer from a range of foot problems.

Children's feet develop rapidly in their first year as they start to walk it is important to monitor the development of their feet and walk. If your child is experiencing pain or you are concerned about their foot development it is best to consult a Podiatrist for advice.

Footfit Podiatry has a special interest in children's foot problems. Here at Footfit we perform a thorough assessments to establish the source of the problem. 

If your concerned about your child's feet or you notice a change in the way they walk call Footfit today to book an appointment.


We diagnose and treat a number of conditions seen in children:

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